Mercer Mushrooms, New Zealand

  • Year:2017
  • Client:Mercer Mushrooms
  • Application:Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Location: Pukekawa, Waikato, New Zealand

Test Outcomes

  • 840,000 liters Water Savings/Year
  • 187 megawatt-hours of Electricity Savings/Year
  • NZ$65,450.00 Energy Savings/Year

A testimonial from Mercer Mushrooms, New Zealand.


“We’re treating our water – for good.


An efficient cooling system is essential in our mushroom growing process. Cooling water comes with challenges like mineral and bacteriological build-up. Instead of traditional chemical treatment, we opted for a new approach – DCI electrolysis.


Consequently, we’re not only saving 840,000 liters of water annually but also 187 megawatt-hours of electricity through better chiller performance. We have no need for cooling water treatment chemicals that can persist in the environment.


As a farmer and food producer in the heart of the Pukekawa rural landscape, we take sustainability seriously. We’re equally committed to finding and investing in innovative solutions, like the DCI technology, to maintain peak performance.


Stay tuned for our sustainable journey.”


Reposted from Mercer Mushroom LinkedIn page.