Frequently Asked Questions

Our patented DCI works on simple and advance electrochemistry principle by which Ca and Mg are dissolved from the cooling water circuitry and deposited on the electrodes. The cooling water system is maintained at tip-top conditions all the time.

The CataGreen integrated within the DCI unit will ensure these limits are met all the time without any external use of chemical biocides.

Catagreen enhances overall performance.

Consumption is minimal. One-unit DCI-15A (including pump) requires 2 to 3 Amp (AC).

Unlike other equipment, DCI is a standalone piece of device which receives water from the tower basin and returns directly back to tower after it has been processed by DCI. There is no interruption to your cooling system.

Like all equipment, you do need to maintain DCI. But for DCI such maintenance is very minimal. The electrodes would require to be replaced once every 1.5 years (approximate, site specific) and the CataGreen once every ~ 4 months. (site specific)

DCI is installed as a side-stream equipment to cooling tower. The max flow is about 2.5m3/h.

DCI progressively reduces the Total Hardness, conductivity and SiO2 in water. Therefore, you can now operate the cooling tower at a higher COC.

As mentioned earlier, DCI will remove the existing hardness scale and bio-fouling on the condenser tubes, pipe and as well as in the cooling tower. The pressure drop will reduce and heat transfer efficiency improved and these result in lower compressor and pump energy requirement.

We use the Condenser Approach Temperature (CAT), Chiller Efficiency (kW/Ton) and also the bacteria counts. With DCI, the CAT and chiller efficiency will improve, and bacteria counts will stay within NEA guidelines.

As no chemicals are dosed, this discharge can either be reclaimed for other uses such as lawn watering and toilet flush or be discharged to sewers or drain directly.

Yes. DCI is equipped with an output as an option for you to access the info in your phone and computer.

Most of the NCDs are pseudo-scientific such as magnetic, electronic, electromagnetic, hydrodynamic and catalytic devices. It is scientifically impossible for the above devices to function consistently as claimed.

DCI is based on proven classic electrolysis technology.