Case Studies

SimTech A*STAR Valley Block

  • Year:2015
  • Client:SimTech A*STAR
  • Application:Laboratory Building HVAC
  • Location: SimTech A*STAR Valley Block Singapore

Test Outcomes

  • 17.5% Energy Savings
  • Chemicals not required
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Stability in cleanroom Temperature & Humidity

Energy savings drive pilot of disruptive technology in laboratory building HVAC system.


Innovative Polymers has an eco-sustainable approach and technology – the DeCaIon™ (DCI) system that can improve energy efficiency of cooling tower systems by ensuring the heat exchanger system performed at its’ designed Peak Efficiency at ALL time. It is capable of reducing energy consumption by removing the scales and biofouling of cooling tower systems. Concrete proof in energy savings after using the DCI system is important for Innovative Polymers to promote its energy saving solution to industry.


The analysis results show that there is 17.4% increase in energy efficiency with use of the DCI system in SIMTech VB cooling tower system. An average consumption comparison for without-using vs. with-using of the DCI system is 52.62kW vs 43.45kW, which is about 80,329kWh annual energy saving or S$16,346 annual cost saving (rate: $0.2035/kWh). The measured temperature and humidity are closer to the set points and become more stable.

Power Consumption Data

In the beginning of the stabilisation and cleaning period, the DCI started working by removing the hard scales in the cooling tower/chiller (from 16/Oct to 27/Oct). After the hard scale was removed, the power consumption of the RWCPs dropped to a range between 43 kW and 48 kW, and the DCI system started to remove the soft scales. During the soft scale removal process, the power consumption level of the RWCPs showed a continuous declining trend until it reached the fully cleaned state on 28/Nov. After that, the DCI worked to maintain a fully cleaned state and the power consumption of the RWCPs was stabilized at 43 kW to 43.41 kW. So the above power consumption analysis shows that the DCI reduces the power consumption after using it.

Stability in Cleanroom Temperature and Humidity